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The first step in identifying the warbird parts and information you need

The manual series titled “Index of Army-Navy Aeronautical Equipment” is one of the most overlooked, and invaluable research and identification tools for warbird parts and accessories. The series consists of seven different manuals, each focusing on a specific topic:

Electrical System



Landing Gear


Oxygen System

Turbosuperchargers, Regulators, Pumps, and Pump Accessories

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the fact that the Army, Navy, and wartime manufacturer all had different designation for parts and components, then these are the documents that you need! Each manual is broken down into sections - take the Landing Gear index as an example. This document is broken down into: Brake Assemblies, Wheel Assemblies, Casings, and Tubes - effectively covering all aspects of aircraft landing gear. Each section provides images of a specific component, along with information such as manufacturer name and part number, Army-Navy part numbers, Tech Order and AN document numbers to reference, characteristics of that part such as weight and dimensions, what assemblies that part was used with, and even British reference numbers. Additionally, there is often a section that references the Navy ASO (Aviation Supply Office) stock number - also known as the F.S.S.C. Stock Number.

Goodyear Brake AssemblyBendix Wheel AssemblyAircraft Wheel Casings

Another huge benefit to the Landing Gear edition, is that at the end of each section there is a chart that lists the model number and the corresponding Army/Navy aircraft that it was installed on! Making the connection between component and aircraft is a topic that I come back to again and again, and often this information is not included in the overhaul or parts catalog for a specific component. These charts make the Aeronautical Indexes an even more important reference tool, and on its own can answer about 50% of the Landing Gear questions that I receive on a weekly basis!

Looking closely at the examples below for Extra High Pressure Wheel Assemblies, you can see that Hayes wheel model D-3-292-1 was interchangeable with Firestone model JO-200M-1 and JO-200-1 and they were used on the P-51A, B, C, and D. While Firestone model JO-200FM was interchangeable with Goodyear 511350 and Hayes D-3-275X-1, and these could be used on the P-51H, AT-17, TBM-1, F4U-1, and more!

With the many differences in the part, model, and type designations of a single component, it’s easy to understand why the Army-Navy Aeronautical Index series was created. With all this information in a single location, these manuals are often my first stop when I get questions related to identifying a part, or finding the relevant service and overhaul manual, or parts catalog. Working in the warbird realm, it’s easy to become frustrated when trying to find conversion information, or trying to determine/prove that a component has a modern equivalent. Using the Aeronautical Index series can often answer these questions outright, or at the very least, point you in the right direction.

Below, you will find a list of the topics included in each edition of the Army-Navy Aeronautical Equipment, just to give an idea of the extensive information they contain! If you’re interested in adding one or all of these documents to your shelf, just click the title of any of the seven editions to be taken to the purchase download page!

Landing Gear Section (T.O. 03-25-10)

Brake Assemblies

Wheel Assemblies



Instruments Section (T.O. 05-1-67)

Instrument Lighting (Dial Markings, Fittings, Electrical Remote Indicating Instruments)

Engine Gage Units

Fuel Mixture Indicators

Pressure Gages

Manifold Pressure Gages

Fuel Pressure Warning Signals

Wheel and Flap Position Indicators



Ammeters and Voltmeters

Airspeed indicators

Airspeed Tubes


Rate of Climb Indicators

Power Venturi Tubes

Automatic Pilots and Components

Servos and Accessories

Air Filters

Directional Gyro Indicators

Gyro Horizon Indicators

Turn and Bank Indicators

Astrograph, Clocks, Astro Compass

Direct Reading Magnetic Compasses

Remote Indicating Magnetic Compasses

Miscellaneous Instruments

Electrical Equipment Section (T.O. 03-5-69)

Storage Batteries



Generator Controls





Light Assemblies



Auxiliary Power Plants

Turbosupercharger Regulators


Switches and Sockets


Miscellaneous Section (T.O. 03-1-46)

Fire Extinguishers

Tool Kits

Life Rafts

Drop Tanks

Personal Equipment

Aerial Towing and Gliders

Armament Section (T.O. 11-1-64)

Gun Mount Adapters and Accessories

Gun Chargers and Feed Units

Gun Mounts

Gun Sights

Gun Synchronizers

Gun Solenoids


Machine Gun Turrets and Fire Control Systems

Bomb Arming and Bomb Release Interval Controls

Torpedo Directors

Bomb Release Handles

Bomb Hoists

Automatic Pilot

Bomb Racks and Bomb Hoist Slings

Automatic Guns and Adapters

Aircraft Machine Guns and Accessories

Pyrotechnic Projectors

Oxygen System Section (T.O. 03-50-30)

Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen Regulators

Oxygen Masks

Oxygen Gages, Indicators, etc.

Oxygen Valves

Oxygen Adapters

Turbosuperchargers, Regulators, and Pumps Section (T.O. 03-10-48)


Regulators - Hydraulic Turbosupercharger

Regulators - Electric Turbosupercharger

Regulators - Automatic Manifold Pressure

Flame Dampeners

Hydraulic Pumps

Fuel and Water Pumps

Booster Pumps

Pump Motors

Hand Pumps

Air Pumps

Pump Accessories

Fuel Valves