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Be a part of building our platform and member community by contributing resources to keep WWII aircraft flying


Do you have the materials? We digitize and upload them!

Because AirCorps Library is always looking toward better serving the World War II aviation community, we are continually looking to grow our collection of available resources. We understand that a large number of enthusiasts, historians, collectors, and average people out there have WWII aviation materials that they are unsure how to preserve. All of this information is important to us, which is why we encourage the idea of digitizing and sharing it. Donating this material to AirCorps Library not only helps us grow our searchable database, but also ensures that the information is recorded and preserved forever.

  • Donors receive their materials back after digitization, along with digital files for their own records
  • No information can be sold to a third party without the consent of the original donor
  • Anything regarding the collection, donor, original compiler, or any other pertinent information, is recorded with the digitized file on AirCorps Library to ensure the history of the documents are preserved, along with their physical information
  • Donors can feel better knowing that their information will not be lost to time, degradation, or an attic


A group of existing resources to make them available to the aviation community.

At AirCorps Library we know we are not alone in thinking that all history related to World War II aviation deserves to be saved and preserved. We also know that the feeling of community surrounding this era is intense and tight-knit. By becoming a sponsor of a collection of materials on AirCorps Library, you can feel proud to know that you have helped preserve information that might have been otherwise lost. Whether it be a large, or small collection that is sponsored, all efforts go toward the same goal: making sure WWII aviation history stays alive, relevant, and accessible to all future generations.

  • Choose a specific collection to sponsor because of a personal connection or interest
  • Sponsor a random collection for posterity
  • Be personally named on AirCorps Library as the Sponsor of your chosen collection, or choose to remain anonymous

AirCorps Library was built with a community of shared knowledge and resources in mind. The resources will never fully grow to full potential without contributions from members. If you have resources to share that will benefit the warbird or legacy aircraft community please contact us!