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    Douglas C-54 Series

    Document Part Number: Specification No. A-762
    Number of pages: 18Part Number: Specification No. A-762Revision Date: 20-Aug-1969

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    C-54, C54-DC, and R5D Series

    Document Part Number: A-762
    Number of pages: 20Part Number: A-762Revision Date: 12-Feb-1954Description: Including: C-54A, C-54B, C-54D, C-54E, C-54G, C54-DC, C54A-DC, C54B-DC, C54D-DC, C54E-DC, C54G-DC, DC-4, R5D, R5D-1, R5D-2, R5D-3, R5D-4, R5D-5